GUS Security Audit Information

The annual GUS security audit process is designed to ensure that GUS users have the appropriate security access in the system, and that access updates are completed in a timely fashion. The UAMS ERP Systems User Security Access and Annual Review Process provides additional information about this requirement.

A preview email is sent roughly one week of the opening of the audit. This email alerts users to be on the watch for the second email, which contains the link for supervisors to log into the audit system and review staff access. The GUS Security Audit Process Supervisor Guide is available with additional information about how to complete the access review.

If you have questions about specific roles or are unsure about what a particular staff member should have, feel free to email questions to Clinton Everhart, associate provost for enrollment services and university registrar. Remember, this year’s audit must be completed no later than April 1, 2019. Users with incomplete audits are subject to revocation of GUS access.