Subject Matter Expert Teams

Purpose:  This group includes staff who are not assigned to the Core Project Team but who will be relied upon to provide critical services during the implementation phase, including college staff (chiefly Registrar Offices, Enrollment, Admissions, Recruitment, Academic Advising, Assistant and Associate Deans); Financial Aid staff, Finance/Financial Accounting staff, personnel from various Academic Affairs units and Academic Computing). A few hours of meeting time will be required (scheduled time), but most of the time commitment for individuals in this group will be in non-scheduled time, e.g., performing testing work. This type of task will largely be done at the individual’s work station and according to their own schedule.


Student Records & Academic Advisement

Christy Brazil, COM

Tom Hart, AC/IT

Tom Lewis, COM

Phyllis Lloyd, CHP

Dwana McKay, COM

Marie Walker, COPH

Schwanda Flowers, COP

Jake Martar, OED / eLearning

Marthe Carle, OED

Summer Mote, Academic Services

Kerry Halliburton-Thomas, Academic Services

Cheri Goforth, Campus Life


Student Financial Aid

Alan Burke

Tammie Carter

Gloria Kemp

Stacie Mandeville

Alisha McReynolds

Michelle Bradley

Teresa Booth


Student Accounting/Financials

Bill Bowes

Toni Emerson, VCAA

Lou Forst, COP

Tom Hart, AC/IT

Stacy Hoyle, CON

Gloria Kemp

Susan Leon, COM

Joni Pearson, Finance

Marilyn Bowman

Jake Stover, Finance

David Wilcox, Finance

Bill Waldron, Budget

Bill Woodell, CHP



  • Participate in Work Flow documentation requests with Lean Six Sigma with Black Belts
  • Respond to requests to provide information to complete Business Process Checklists, required by Ciber in advance of Fit Gap sessions
  • Respond to Module Team request(s) for information to complete Discovery Documents, required by Ciber in advance of Fit Gap sessions
  • Participate in module Fit Gap sessions, as organized by module team leaders
  • Serve as subject matter experts – to provide data and information on an ad hoc basis to module team leaders, project leaders or the Campus Community Committee
  • Attend User Training
  • Run tests on data processes and system features/work flow
  • Document and communicate test results