Executive Steering Committee

Purpose:  The Executive Steering Committee (ESC) provides executive oversight and support for all aspects of the SIS project, and is the final decision-making authority.



Stephanie Gardner, Provost

Bill Bowes, Vice Chancellor, Finance/CFO

Rhonda Jorden, Vice Chancellor, IT/CIO

Steve Boone, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Bard, Associate Provost, Enrollment Services & Academic Administration

Cheryl Lane, Assistant Vice Chancellor, IT

Cliff Stephenson, Project Manager, IT

Alisa Logan, Manager, Academic Computing

Roles and Responsibilites

  • Provides executive sponsorship
  • Establishes project goals
  • Establishes project structure and governance, approves personnel, roles and responsibilities
  • Approves scope of work, funding, timelines
  • Approves all major change requests[1]
  • Approves policy and procedure changes needed to implement new business processes
  • Monitors project progress
  • Provides mediation of and reconciliation of issues and questions
  • Ensures activities align with enterprise-wide goals and objectives
  • Provides guiding principles for project work
  • Exercises final decision-making authority
  • Assists in removing barriers for SIS (implementation and change)
  • Champions adoption of the SIS to all stakeholders
  • Establishes a structure and organization to manage the SIS going forward: governance, administration and support.

[1]     Major changes are those that represent a substantial change in work flow, business processes or system changes that require system customization (programming). Project leaders may refer other decisions to the ESC  (e.g., configuration of the new system), when consensus cannot be reached or when  issues  are particularly sensitive.