Functional Area Teams

Functional Area Teams are responsible for carrying out all operations (defined below) for their respective  team. They will seek input from the Campus Community Community and other Subject Matter Experts on an as-needed basis. These teams will function as ongoing committees as part of the long-term support of the GUS system.


Admissions & Recruiting

Gibson Garrett – Co-lead (Academic Affairs/ESAA)

Jenny Kyle – Co-lead (College of Nursing)

Kevin Barnes, Lyndsay Johnson, Rob Tolleson (College of Health Professions)

Angie Choi (College of Pharmacy)

Jordan Oroark (College of Public Health)



Student Records, Academic Advisement, Transfer Credit

Clinton Everhart – Co-Lead (Registrar’s Office / ESAA)

Kristen Sterba – Co-Lead (Graduate School)

Angela Wilson – Academic Advisement Lead (Registrar’s Office / ESAA)

Charlotte Gass – Transfer Credit Lead (Registrar’s Office / ESAA)

Pattie Hamilton (Registrar’s Office / ESAA)

Maryland Franklin (Registrar’s Office / ESAA)

Ivy Pearsall (I.T.)


Student Financial Aid

Alicia McReynolds (Primary)

Tammy Carter (Backup)

Alan Burke (I.T.)


Student Accounting/Financials

Gloria Kemp – Co-lead

Jennice Haynes – Co-lead

Alan Burke (I.T.)



  • Learns system capabilities of respective module during product-overview/training classes
  • Participates in the definition of the business requirements for the functional area (module) within the context of the PeopleSoft modules
  • Coordinates the definition of specific business processes and associated metrics with other project staff and stakeholders
  • Interfaces with other module teams on overlapping or interconnected issues
  • Provides leadership for Fit Gap sessions and assist in resolving gaps, whenever possible, by reviewing work-around, process improvements, or modifications
  • Organizes and Co-Leads system design sessions
  • Works closely with Project Leadership Team throughout the project (including definition of the organization, job and skill requirements, upgrade and support)
  • Works closely with the Technical Team to ensure proper support and timely completion of modifications/enhancements, reports, interfaces and conversions within their functional area
  • Works with Ciber to conduct a fit analysis and business process review to determine how the proposed application software can best be used to meet the UAMS processing needs, business objectives, and requirements, and to oversee the functional aspects of configuration, customizations and extensions, reports and interfaces that are in-scope
  • Identifies opportunities to improve UAMS business processes to minimize customizations/extensions and gain fullest advantage of the PeopleSoft software products
  • Serves as Primary trainer for training others on respective module and will assist in the development of training materials
  • Identifies and assist in managing project risks and issues
  • Reports weekly status to the UAMS project lead team
  • Reviews for final approval the results of functional test activities and assists with testing/acceptance
  • Ensures the delivery of quality work products
  • Ensures the proper delivery of all project documentation
  • Takes responsibility for team level decisions and outcomes
  • Other duties as assigned