Project Leadership Team

The Project Leadership Team and the Module Teams perform the core work of the project and together are considered the Core Project Team. Day to day operations, planning and processes are managed at this level according to the goals and guidelines established by the Executive Steering Committee.



Elizabeth Bard, Associate Provost, Enrollment Services & Academic Administration

Prudence Dulany, Project Manager, Ciber

Cheryl Lane, Assistant Vice Chancellor, IT

Cliff Stephenson, Project Manager, IT

Alisa Logan, Manager, Academic Computing, IT



The Project Leadership Team manages day to day operations of each segment of the project.

  •  Crafts mission statement to guide the work of each Functional Area Team
  • Documents work plan (Ciber/Bolton) and communicates to all stakeholders
  • Establishes operational rules and standards for each key/critical function (Ciber/Bolton)
  • Works with the vendor(s) to establish a timeline for each phase of the project
  • Oversees day-to-day operations and deliverables of project enterprise
  • Early identification and intervention of challenges and barriers
  • Coordinates communication between vendors and other project groups, and reviews final products before submission, e.g., discovery documents, business process checklists, etc
  • Manages suggestions and recommendations for change in business processes and determines a path for disposition
  • Mediates issues, questions and concerns between project participants and the Executive Steering Committee
  • Provides guidance to project groups
  • Manages team dynamics
  • Coordinates fit gap planning
  • Prepares testing plans (with vendor and other project groups)
  • Ensures all necessary parties provide in put – adding members of Community Committee and Functional Area Teams as appropriate, even establishing new ad hoc groups to meet emergent needs
  • Assures that all groups and members have the resources required to accomplish their objectives (facilities, equipment, etc.)
  • Conducts transition planning
  • Coordinates activities of the various groups and participants (Functional Area Teams, Community Committee, subject matter experts, etc.) to make sure project and enterprise objectives are being met
  • Provides troubleshooting and problem-solving to project groups and members
  • Ensures communication between and among project groups and individuals to ensure coordination of tasks
  • Ensures project decisions and progress stay on track with respect to the project timeline, budget and overall goals
  • Takes responsibility for project level decisions and outcomes
  • Formulates communication plan to reach larger audiences and stakeholders – especially regarding go-live dates and planning
  • Coordinates training documentation and planning
  • Provides weekly status updates to the Executive Steering Committee
  • Monitors the risk register
  • Monitors the budget, invoicing and billing
  • Helps identify relevant measures of quality
  • Other duties as necessary for the effective implementation of the project